MaxCloudON has started offering AMD Epyc servers

We have some great news at MaxCloudON. Our line of dedicated servers is expanding with a new configuration. You can now order a server with AMD Epyc CPU, which can help you achieve significant gains in AI/ML/Rendering and more. Our VPS/VDS platform is powered by AMD Epyc 7742 (QS) processors, offering an exceptional amount of computing power and disk I/O performance.

We also continue to expand our services based on client feedback. We are now offering three new types of VPS/VDS servers. As our benchmarks show, performance gains for the AMD Epyc is up to 350–500% compared to the Dual Xeon E5. (depending on server configuration)

Powering solutions in the Cloud, on-prem or off-prem, in containers, or VMs. Whether on bare metal or HCI, AMD EPYC™ Series provides outstanding performance across the wide spectrum of industry-standard applications. As the leader in high-performance computing, AMD continues to raise the bar for data center computing delivering on its continuous roadmap execution and commitment to innovation.

You can check the pricing here. You can rent servers with the new AMD Epyc right now by selecting the appropriate configuration on our website. Payment is possible per week or per month.

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