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MaxCloudOn focuses on providing high-performance computing, machine learning, rendering, etc. The servers are optimized for all kinds of computing tasks. In addition to this, users can install their own software. 

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A connection like nothing before

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It’s like its in your office

Thanks to our custom software you can easily integrate it into your local network.

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Security is its middle name

IKEv2/IPSec, due to its speed and security, is one of the most widely used VPN software solutions.

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It doesn’t matter what happens to your internet connection, we will always reconnect you automatically.

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Seamless integration

Syncing files between your PC and your server has never been easier.

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Everything is so fast and so simple that you will forget it is there.

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Multiple devices

With our software: max of 8 people
With our router: depending on the type of router.

One-click to your office

Working online shouldn’t be hard. With our software and just one click you can connect to your “online office” and continue your work.

Just a cable away

We love providing easy solutions for complex problems. That is why we can provide* a router with our VPN build-in. With it, there is no need to install our software on all of your machines. Just connect it to your network and connect your computers to it. It’s that simple.

* Information about router below.

Is getting a
router easy?

There are 2 ways of getting a router:

  • Renting more than 5 servers in a month
  • Buying it (we don’t add any commission)
If you are interested in a router, please message us!