What is BYOL? How can it help your business?

Bring Your Own License (BYOL) – is a licensing model that lets users/companies use their licenses flexibly. It doesn’t matter if it’s on your own PC on-premise or within the cloud.

byol - bring your own license

The key differences about BYOL are:

  • Greater flexibility: With true license mobility, businesses are ready to migrate to and from services with ease. Without having to stress out about managing multiple licenses for the identical product across multiple platforms and services.
  • Reduction/Removal of Upfront Cost: When upscaling the use of software, having the ability to share and migrate your license means saving huge costs upfront. Using licenses across multiple services can increase expenses by a large margin.
  • Increased Freedom of Use: Within the license terms, businesses have the freedom they deserve to use the software as they need.


Why BYOL is built differently?

The issue with many traditional software licenses is their restrictive policies. A license, often, is tied to a selected server or to a selected kind of server (e.g. on-premise), so it can’t be re-used when deployments happen within the cloud without violating the contract.

BYOL licenses let users allocate their licenses more flexibly; e.g. on an actual physical server (the dedicated host) with containers or multiple virtual machines. The user can then target and reuse specific physical servers while staying within the confines of their existing software licenses.

How can it help my business?

  • Lower costs
  • Minimizes the risk often associated with transferring to a cloud service by utilizing existing licenses
  • Freedom of use within the license terms