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IaaS – Infrastructure As A Service

Minimize your costs by building a versatile, fast and simple IT cloud infrastructure using VPS/VDS.

On Demand

On-Demand Compute Resource Allocation

Help your budget by paying only for the resources needed now. With our company you can add or remove servers on demand and pay just for what you need in the moment.


Access To Your Server Via IKEv2/IPSec Encrypted VPN Channel

Security is our top priority. We provide you access to your servers via IKEv2/IPSec encrypted VPN channel, which guarantees that you’ll be the only one who can access them.

No Hidden Fees

No Hidden Fees

Plan your budget well in advance, because you won’t be surprised by the bill you receive. We are proud, that we don’t employ hidden fees and additional charges. You only pay the price you see, when you select your plan.

Expand your knowledge

Expand your knowledge

You can learn more about Infrastructure As A Service.

Top Of The Line Control Panel

Our software was developed by experts with one goal in mind – making your work easy, efficient and intuitive
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