High-performance Cloud GPU Servers Designed for Speed and Power

Get unlimited computing power instantly with our cloud GPU servers

MaxCloudON’s high-performance cloud GPU servers are the cornerstone of efficiency and power in the field of digital creation, where every second matters, and certain requirements must be met.

Our servers, equipped with cutting-edge graphics processing units, are particularly intended to suit the expanding needs of GPU-accelerated computing, guaranteeing that your projects are not merely finished but brought to life with astounding speed and precision.

Cost-effective Way To Run Complex Tasks

MaxCloudON’s GPU-accelerated servers offer a cost-effective solution for running complex, resource-intensive tasks. By harnessing the power of Nvidia GPUs, we provide high-performance computation capabilities without the hefty price tag of similar cloud platforms.

Our scalable processors and flexible pricing ensure you get the most value for your subscription, customizing resources precisely to your project’s timeline and budget.

How It Works In 4 Easy Steps

  1. Sign up for the service: You need a valid email for confirmation.
  2. Choose a server: Choose the GPU server you need for computing.
  3. Software Installation: Install your specific software on our secure GPU servers.
  4. GPU Management: Monitor and manage your tasks in real-time, adjusting, stopping, and reconfiguring if necessary
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GPU Servers

Benefits Of Using Our Service

Unlock the full potential of your projects with MaxCloudON’s GPU-accelerated cloud servers, where unparalleled speed meets flexibility and reliability:

Unmatched Speed: Leverage the high-performance capabilities of Nvidia GPUs for rapid rendering and computation.

Direct Control: With remote access, you maintain direct oversight of your GPU-accelerated tasks.

Adaptability: Our GPU hardware is designed to scale and adapt to your project's size and complexity.

Enjoy cost-saving benefits without sacrificing computing quality: No fees for installation, traffic, networking, or support.

Affordable price: Transparent price subscription plans.

Dedicated GPU Servers: Not sharing one server between multiple users.

Software of your choice: You can install whatever software you prefer.

Secure and reliable infrastructure: 24/7 technical support for queries or issues.

No upfront investment in expensive hardware.

Cancel any time: No long-term commitments.

Cloud GPU Servers Prices

We offer transparent and competitive pricing for our high-performance cloud GPU servers with no hidden fees. We have daily, weekly, and monthly subscription plans and do not charge for CPU usage, setup, traffic, or networking.

Below are our top-selling plans. See our pricing page to explore and compare features of all available subscription plans.

GPU Dedicated
Server MAX7

Daily/Weekly/Monthly Plans

start from
$ 32
/ Daily
  • CPU: Intel Xeon E5-2660v2
  • 20 VCPU
  • 120GB RAM
  • 500GB NVMe SSD Storage
  • Unmetered Traffic
  • OS: Windows Server, Linux
  • GPUs: 4 x NVIDIA® RTX™ 3060
  • VRAM: 48GB (4 X 12GB)

GPU Dedicated
Server MAX5

Daily/Weekly/Monthly Plans

start from
$ 46
/ Daily
  • CPU: Intel Xeon E5-2660v2
  • 20 VCPU
  • 120GB RAM
  • 500GB NVMe SSD Storage
  • Unmetered Traffic
  • OS: Windows Server, Linux
  • GPUs: 2 x NVIDIA® RTX™ 3090
  • VRAM: 48GB (2 X 24GB)

GPU Dedicated
Server MAX4

Daily/Weekly/Monthly Plans

start from
$ 81
/ Daily
  • CPU: Intel Xeon E5-2660v2
  • 40 VCPU
  • 240GB RAM
  • 500GB NVMe SSD Storage
  • Unmetered Traffic
  • OS: Windows Server, Linux
  • GPUs: 4 x NVIDIA® RTX™ 3090
  • VRAM: 96GB (4 X 24GB)

GPU Servers Use Cases

MaxCloudON’s GPU servers are ideal for a wide array of use cases, including but not limited to:

Complex 3D rendering for designers and 3D artists;

Scientific modeling and GPU-accelerated simulations;

Architectural visualizations that require high-performance computation;

AI and machine learning algorithms and recommendation systems;

Natural language processing;

Deep learning applications;

Video editing and virtual reality experiences;

Other high-performance computing tasks;

Get A 48 Hours Free Trial* CPU Server

If you are still unsure about our service – why not get free access to a CPU server as a “Proof of Service”?

( * Registration is required, with no need for a bank card or any obligation )

Customer Testimonials

Hear from our satisfied customers and learn how MaxCloudON has revolutionized their workflow and helped them save time and money

“The fastest dedicated VPS we have used. The rendering nodes are really dedicated and you’ll get what is advertised. It’s applicable, from a small freelance artist to a big design studio.”

Nikolay Grozev

Principal/Creative Director of Clusters Creative

“We have used the services of Rend-it (now MaxCloudON) many times when we have not been able to meet the deadline with what we have in our in-house Render farm. Quick and responsible, they have always saved us.”

Svetlin Mihailov

Founder and CEO of Vaya Studios

“Best cloud. Excellent service and support, awesome pricing. There are no restrictions on the installed software. Once the servers were configured, my company used them for months without making any changes.”

Mario Mladenov

Information Technology Manager at Visual Method

Frequently Asked Questions

GPU acceleration makes your computer tasks faster by using the parallel processing power of graphics cards. Unlike CPUs, a graphics card can do many calculations simultaneously, speeding up tasks like 3D rendering of images, running simulations, and working on machine learning. This means you can do your work quicker and be more creative.

MaxCloudON’s cloud GPU servers are distinguished by their exclusive use of high-performance Nvidia GPUs specifically designed for accelerated computing. Our servers are unshared, meaning you get dedicated resources without interfering with other users’ workloads. Additionally, remotely installing any software or plugins makes our service cost-effective and highly customizable to your needs.

Definitely! Our cloud GPU servers can adjust to fit your project needs ideally. You can quickly scale up or down resources whenever you need to. This means you always use the right amount of power for your work, making things run smoothly without wasting money.

MaxCloudON’s subscription plans are made to help you save money – you can pick a daily, weekly, or monthly plan. Our prices are clear and simple – what you see is what you pay, with no extra charges for CPU usage, setting up, connecting to the internet, or moving data. Our clear pricing model helps you budget more efficiently, especially for big projects that need much computing power.

If you don’t like our service, you can get a refund. Just cancel within 14 days of payment, and you’ll get back the money for the unused part of your plan. If you paid for a month, we’ll determine your refund using the daily rate from the server’s weekly price.

Yes, you can get a 48-hour free trial upon request and if you sign up. This trial lets you use a server with 16 cores and 30 GB of RAM. Typically, users use this time to set up their VPN, test connectivity, and install and configure any necessary software.

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