Machine Learning Servers

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Artificial intelligence (AI) is transforming the world and finding its place in many aspects of our life, like engineering, medicine and others. AI has made GPU servers useful for heavy-computing tasks such as machine learning – with MaxCloudON GPU servers it is fast and easy to do many jobs at the same time.

What is Machine Learning?

Machine learning (ML) is the use of algorithms to mimic the way humans learn. It is part of AI programs, and it helps with big data analytics and statistical models, speech and image recognition, data clustering and other workloads requiring fast and reliable differentiation of objects based on a set of characteristics. Machine learning makes it easy to collect vast amounts of data generated by systems and sensors, and with the help of MaxCloudON GPU servers, the collected information can be quickly evaluated using various models and algorithms. ML can be widely used in many industrial fields, it can help you to optimize your processes, transport or delivery operations, monitoring product quality, etc.

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What server do you need for machine learning?

If you are new to machine learning you probably are wondering “What hardware specifications does my computer or server need to run machine learning?”.The short answer is “With a lot of GPUs and VRAM”. You need as many cores as possible at the best speed and the most VRAM you can afford. The more Cores you have, the more questions you can answer at the same time, and the faster they go, the more cycles you can do. The bigger the VRAM cache, the bigger the data massive you can work. In rare cases for some standard machine learning models where the number of parameters is not so high, you can still rely on CPUs – see our Prices for Intel Dedicated Servers and AMD Dedicated Servers. For the longer and more detailed answer read our article ”What server do I need for machine learning”

Why choose MaxCloudON`s Machine Learning Servers?

Icon of light bulb Service is prepaid with no additional fees at the end
Icon of light bulb No traffic, networking, or installation fees
Icon of light bulbNo CPU time limits
Icon of light bulbNo Bandwidth limit and fees
Icon of light bulbSecurity and Privacy
Icon of light bulb Rented servers can be Windows or Linux OS
 icon of light bulbAvailable technical support and assistance
Icon of light bulbDon’t waste money and time on the expensive and time-consuming purchase, installation and support of your servers, not to mention how much space GPU servers occupy and the continuous noise
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Hardware specification of MaxCloudON GPU servers

We offer various configurations of GPU Servers, usually with 60 GB RAM, VRАМ depends on the number of video cards and up to 1000 GB NVMe SSD. There is no limit and fees about Bandwidth. Depending on your project and tasks you can choose the best GPU server for you. We can do customizations, but under certain terms and conditions, which usually includes prepayment for a longer time period of time.