We at MaxCloudON are a group of computer hardware enthusiasts. 

What is our passion?

As we love to manage and build computers, we have put our best efforts, knowledge, and time into setup one of the best, fastest, and affordable cloud computing services. Over the years, we have developed formidable expertise in creating powerful and reliable products. 

The reasons we
are diffirent

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Industry-leading control panel

We have built our control panel in-house allowing our customers to manage with ease their servers, on a secure and reliable interface that is thoroughly tested and constantly updated.

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Security and privacy are our first priority

Security is our top priority. We provide you access to your servers via IKEv2/IPSec encrypted VPN channel, which guarantees that you’ll be the only one who can access them. NDA-s is always an option.

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Reduce your costs through an
unrivaled and transparent monthly price.

Part of our numbers

We love sharing our numbers and here are some of which we are proud of:

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