Rendering is not a free job and why is realistic visualization necessary for your business

Rend It | 10 April 2023

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Nowadays, the way our products/ideas are presented to potential customers is of great importance. People “buy and consume with their eyes” so a good presentation and visualization are crucial. For this reason, it’s essential to have a quality visualization of the product/project, preferably in different combinations and colors. This applies especially to interior design solutions. Clients often want “something” but don’t know what, and unfortunately you even have to figure it out and create it. Rendering allows designers and 3D artists to create a realistic image of the project, allowing clients to better understand the proposed idea/product and feel whether it meets their expectations. However, many people don’t understand the time, effort, and resources that go behind good realistic visualization. So we decided to discuss why rendering is not a free job and is necessary for business and sales, and thus to help you argue in front of the client.

What is this rendering?

Rendering is the process of generating an image from a 3D model. It involves complex calculations to determine the color, texture, and lighting of each pixel in the image/scene. Rendering software such as Blender, V-Ray, Cinema 4D, and Redshift, uses different algorithms to create realistic images that simulate the way light interacts with the materials in the scene. The final result is a high-quality image that looks like a real photo.

Why is rendering not free and so important for business?

Guy seen his renderings. Wondering why did he not pay for good render farm.

In life, “there ain’t no such thing as a free lunch”, and you can’t expect to get valuable things for free. Creating a high-quality rendering takes a lot of time and resources. The more realistic the rendering, the more computing power it takes for creating. Firstly, the designer must create а 3D model, which can take weeks or even months to complete depending on the project. Once the model is complete, the rendering process can take hours or even days to generate a single image. This is because rendering software uses complex algorithms that require a lot of processing time.
Secondly, realistic visualization can help identify potential problems before deciding on the final perception of architecture and home interior. By creating a realistic rendering, designers can identify issues with the designed project that may not have been apparent in 2D drawings. Just imagine you’re designing a new residential building and you’ve created 2D drawings about the apartments and the living area distribution. However, when you render those drawings in 3D, you suddenly realize the bathroom window is too small, and there is not enough daylight, as the client requested. That reveals a potential problem that may not have been apparent in the 2D drawings. So by rendering in 3D, you can get a better sense of the picture. Finally, realistic visualization can help increase marketing and sales. A high-quality rendering can be used to promote the project to potential buyers or investors. It can also be used in marketing materials and online sales.

Why avoid free rendering services?

Now let’s look at the main reasons why you should avoid using free rendering services:

In conclusion, free rendering services may seem like a cost-effective solution, but honestly, they come with significant drawbacks that make them less suitable for professional rendering needs. Rendering a high-quality project takes a considerable amount of time, effort, and resources. However, the benefits of realistic visualization far outweigh the cost. With MaxCloudON you receive a smooth and quality rendering experience at an affordable price for Intel Dedicated Servers, AMD Dedicated Servers, GPU Dedicated Servers, and Cloud Desktop. Realistic visualization allows clients to better understand the proposed design, helps designers identify potential problems, and can increase sales. Our advice is to invest in high-quality rendering to ensure the success of your project and income.

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